Powerful Sogou Ranking Tool – Improve Sogou Search Rank in just 2days

Sogou as the third large search engine in China draw lots of SEOers attention. Some of the professional SEOers only gain their traffic from Sogou search. why? Because it’s easy, and fast. If you understand the rank rules and have a powerful tool, Sogou rank will not be a problem. As my title wrote, yes, Rank in top page in only 2 days.

Before I introduce the method/tool, let’s take a look at a screen shot.

sogou fast ranking improvement result
Sogou fast ranking improvement result


Long tail keywords rank improved from 500+ to top 1 page.

It’s awesome, right? Well, don’t get excited. There still some rules and explanation before you do the trick.

Make sure the tips below are all checked.

  1. The page is indexed by Sogou
  2. Your site have stable Sogou Spider count
  3. Total site index count must greater than 1
  4. long tail keywords must be an organic keyword(no brand name)
  5. Backlinks count must be greater than 10. (which should be accepted by Sogou)

If you checked all 5 tips above. I can ensure that Sogou rank is not a problem. With my powerful Rank tool, Sogou traffic is easy. Just take a look of the screen shot again. It’s awesome

If you want my tool or my guide, please leave me a message or Email (I prefer second)

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Fast ranking method to improve your site’s rank – Baidu SEO tricks

Hello guys, didn’t do post for a while. It’s me, Park.

Today I want to introduce a trick to improve your site’s long tail keywords ranking in Chinese search engine. It’s called “Fast ranking” (I literally translate Chinese into English). Which is using CTR control to improve special long tail keyword’s rank. I think Rand Fishkin used to do the experiment about how CTR influence the rank in 2014. Which is a google experiment. Also the result is encouraging.

Rand Fishkin included this in his article (https://sparktoro.com/blog/queries-clicks-influence-googles-results/)

Queries and clicks may be a more direct and more directly observable factor (particularly in long-tail, rarely-searched-for queries like this one) than I’d previously thought.

In Baidu, this method is a like magic (well used to be like one). Let’s check the screenshot below, which I get from one of my students.

fast ranking in baidu
fast ranking in baidu

The data is from 2017.

First column is initial rank time; second is user ID, keywords, URL, Search engine, initial rank, last rank, improved rank, last rank time.

Which you can see, Is awesome! From initial rank 423 to last rank 1 in 1 month which is super fast(Baidu’s efficiency is much lower than Google). Actually I have seen much better data, which rank in top 1 rank in just few days.

Is this method still working in Chinese search engine right now?

Not so awesome any more, but yes, it’s still working.

Just wait before you do it. There still are some rules to use “fast ranking” method.

  1. URL must be indexed
  2. The keyword rank must in top 5 pages
  3. Clicks must be controlled
  4. The keyword’s search engine index/quota/trends must be under 300.

Official index/quota/trends checking sites:

Follow the rules above, you still can use the “fast ranking” method in Chinese search engine. Let me show some other Chinese search engine data for you guys.

360 (https://www.so.com/) PC Fast rank result in 2018

360 fast rank result - 360 pc rank
360 fast rank result – 360 pc rank


Sogou (https://www.sogou.com/) PC Fast rank result in 2018

sogou fast ranking improvement result
sogou fast ranking improvement result

Awesome right? If you want to try the method, I just got a good software for you to do it. feel free to contact me for the “fast ranking” tool!

My email address: [email protected]