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Hi, My name is Park. I’m the co-founder of MBKF. I stared MBKF with my friend, hope we can wide the internet marketing skills allover China.

We start teaching people SEO, SEM, Media Promotion skills on-line using recorded videos. But now, we cooperate with Tencent education, put all my courses on, which is a live education platform, all my followers can comment, share documents, discuss a topic on one platform. which is awesome.(check our page here:

But, great platform get more attention, which means more competitors. I’m cool with that, because I don’t care.

Why? Here is why. We have:

  • Top 1 paid students number
  • Top 1 reviews counts
  • Top 1 Course Rank
  • Top 1 Organization Rank

I put this website only hope the world can see us, and also I would like dig more about Google SEO.

Email : parkmbk[email protected]

Feel free to contact me