How to submit your site to baidu search engine

URL submission is a tricky one when you do baidu seo. Why? Because baidu dealing with tons of new pages everyday, and it’s hard to find good quality content, if we don’t submit our new URLs to baidu. Like in Google SEO, we normally use webmaster (search console) to submit. Also, I will share some other ways to improve submission efficiency.

  1. Using Baidu webmaster to submit your site

First, you should have a baidu accout, if not, register one, it’s easy. (baidu register)

Then, login to baidu webmaster, and register as your site owner. It’s like we use google search console.

Second, in the left column, there is a URL submission button, click in, you can see the page just like the image below.


submit link
submit link


4 ways to submit urls
4 ways to submit urls


If you want to know the difference between these 4 ways of submission, please read this article > 4 methods to improve Index rate

2. If you think the official method is not effective, you can try “Spider Pool”

“Spider Pool” is a black hat method, which can draw lots of spiders from each search engine. How do it work? The “Spider Pool” model based on “Site Crowd”, which I can comprehend as a group of sites linked together. I’m not going to explain the details of “Spider Pool”. Just know that, there are many “Spider Pool” tools in the market, chose one you like. It’s a fast way to draw spiders’ attention.

If you don’t know where to find tool, well you know how to find me, I can give some great “Spider Pool” tools.


How to block baidu spiders

As a veteran in baidu seo, I can say that baidu spider spider is super lazy, and hard to dealing with. To end this mad spider, I will show you how to block baidu spiders.

Most Chinese SEOers feel baidu spider is crazy because they normal won’t follow the rules you made. For example, spiders should crawl the pages following the rules you build in search engine webmaster (such as sitemap, URL submission etc.) When you go throw server log, you can see that baidu spiders crawl you site like they are in the zoo. Only crawl what they like to crawl, and ignore all other pages which you think is important.

Let’s take look how to use robots.txt to stop baidu spiders.

User-agent: Baiduspider

Disallow: /

Put code above into your site’s robots.txt file, will prevent baidu web spider crawling the site.

Please do notice that, I said Baidu WEB spider. Not all baidu spiders.

How many kinds of spiders do they have? Let’s take a look of the list below.

  • Baiduspider (for web pages)
  • Baiduspider-image (for images)
  • Baiduspider-video (for videos)
  • Baiduspider-news (for news)
  • Baiduspider-favo (baidu favorites)
  • Baiduspider-cpro (baidu adsense)
  • Baiduspider-sfkr (baidu sem spider)

If you want to Block Baidu, you should block them all like this

User-agent: Baiduspider

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspdeir-image

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspider-video

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspider-news

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspider-favo

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspider-cpro

Disallow: /

User-agent: Baiduspider-sfkr

Disallow: /


Powerful Sogou Ranking Tool – Improve Sogou Search Rank in just 2days

Sogou as the third large search engine in China draw lots of SEOers attention. Some of the professional SEOers only gain their traffic from Sogou search. why? Because it’s easy, and fast. If you understand the rank rules and have a powerful tool, Sogou rank will not be a problem. As my title wrote, yes, Rank in top page in only 2 days.

Before I introduce the method/tool, let’s take a look at a screen shot.

sogou fast ranking improvement result
Sogou fast ranking improvement result


Long tail keywords rank improved from 500+ to top 1 page.

It’s awesome, right? Well, don’t get excited. There still some rules and explanation before you do the trick.

Make sure the tips below are all checked.

  1. The page is indexed by Sogou
  2. Your site have stable Sogou Spider count
  3. Total site index count must greater than 1
  4. long tail keywords must be an organic keyword(no brand name)
  5. Backlinks count must be greater than 10. (which should be accepted by Sogou)

If you checked all 5 tips above. I can ensure that Sogou rank is not a problem. With my powerful Rank tool, Sogou traffic is easy. Just take a look of the screen shot again. It’s awesome

If you want my tool or my guide, please leave me a message or Email (I prefer second)

Email Address: [email protected]

Fast ranking method to improve your site’s rank – Baidu SEO tricks

Hello guys, didn’t do post for a while. It’s me, Park.

Today I want to introduce a trick to improve your site’s long tail keywords ranking in Chinese search engine. It’s called “Fast ranking” (I literally translate Chinese into English). Which is using CTR control to improve special long tail keyword’s rank. I think Rand Fishkin used to do the experiment about how CTR influence the rank in 2014. Which is a google experiment. Also the result is encouraging.

Rand Fishkin included this in his article (

Queries and clicks may be a more direct and more directly observable factor (particularly in long-tail, rarely-searched-for queries like this one) than I’d previously thought.

In Baidu, this method is a like magic (well used to be like one). Let’s check the screenshot below, which I get from one of my students.

fast ranking in baidu
fast ranking in baidu

The data is from 2017.

First column is initial rank time; second is user ID, keywords, URL, Search engine, initial rank, last rank, improved rank, last rank time.

Which you can see, Is awesome! From initial rank 423 to last rank 1 in 1 month which is super fast(Baidu’s efficiency is much lower than Google). Actually I have seen much better data, which rank in top 1 rank in just few days.

Is this method still working in Chinese search engine right now?

Not so awesome any more, but yes, it’s still working.

Just wait before you do it. There still are some rules to use “fast ranking” method.

  1. URL must be indexed
  2. The keyword rank must in top 5 pages
  3. Clicks must be controlled
  4. The keyword’s search engine index/quota/trends must be under 300.

Official index/quota/trends checking sites:

Follow the rules above, you still can use the “fast ranking” method in Chinese search engine. Let me show some other Chinese search engine data for you guys.

360 ( PC Fast rank result in 2018

360 fast rank result - 360 pc rank
360 fast rank result – 360 pc rank


Sogou ( PC Fast rank result in 2018

sogou fast ranking improvement result
sogou fast ranking improvement result

Awesome right? If you want to try the method, I just got a good software for you to do it. feel free to contact me for the “fast ranking” tool!

My email address: [email protected]




Baidu official | 4 methods to improve Index rate in Baidu

Baidu index rate (sample)

Hello guys, Park again. today I will translate (also including some of my thinkings)  a Baidu official article about how to improve index rate. Most of time, the Baidu index rate never go up not because the content you provide, mainly reason is the Baidu spider never crawled your pages.

I will show 4 methods about how to improve your index rate (actually it’s crawling rate) in Baidu below. Before you reading this, please understand that, baidu spider is super lazy. It’s efficiency is much lower than Google bot.

  1. Active submit
  2. Sitemap submit
  3. Automatic submit
  4. Manual submit

Active Submission: Baidu officially recommended

In this method, baidu will provide an port code (we called it token value) for each registered site. Site owners could use the port code to input a special function(php function) into their sites. When the page is updated or a new page is published, the function will be active, and the new URL will submit to Baidu automatically.

Sitemap Submission

Same as google, but Google sitemap submission seems more efficient.

Automatic Submission: I highly recommended

I really like this submission, which is simple. Put a short javascript code into every page you got. When the page is opened, the URL will be automatically submitted to Baidu. Here is a small trick of mine, If the page was not indexed for a long time. We can use a click simulator to open the page over and over again.

Manual Submission

Do not use it, it’s stupid and waste of time.

At last, I want to explain why index rate is so important in Baidu. Index means your pages have chances to be explored by search engine users. which indicates that the page is scored by search engine. So, index rate will be the main element to determine the average page score of you site.  which decides how many users can see your site. (hope you guys understand what I’m saying)

[ Baiduspider VS GoogleBot Part 1 – Spider IP ] before you do Baidu SEO

Baidu seo

Hello guys, It’s me, Park. Today I want to follow my last article to discuss more about the difference between Google and Baidu.

Today’s topic is Baidu spider and Google Bot. And I want to discuss this topic in two sections. First is IP.

As we all known, that all the crawlers have their own IPs. For example, Google bot normally start it’s IP with “”

In Baidu, it’s different. Usually they start with “123”, “220”, “111”. In some special occasions, their IPs may start with “181”, “180”.

Different IP means different functions in Baidu.

Baidu IP “” Spider: I like to call it scanner

Why scanner? Because, most of the job they do are scanning the whole website, put all the new URLs into a crawling list. And then pass the list to “220” spiders.

In my website database ( I got most of my followers’ website data, just for data analysis ), which shows that scanner get less data then “220” spiders (via server log). And matter of fact, “220” spider will come to your website right after a scanner crawled the site.

Baidu IP “” Spider: Vertical Crawler

Vertical, Yes, You hear me right. Which meas that the “220” spiders go much deeper than scanners. They will get the page content fully, including words, phrases, image code, etc. Before the page was indexed by Baidu. We always find that the Vertical Crawler have come to the exact URL.

Baidu IP “” Spider: Render

Render Spider (Official name, it’s not named by me) only crawls js/css/fonts documents, which effect user experience directly. It’s important, make sure the crawling path is clear ( Robots.txt ) and your server didn’t block the Renders’ IPs.

I’m not sure I explained the 3 types of spiders clearly. Hope you guys can give me some feed back in comment section, thanks.

[ Chinese VS English ] before you do Baidu SEO

Hey Guys, It’s me Park.

In this week’s articles, I want to share some seo tips for beginners. Before you do SEO in a Chinese Searching Engine, you may want to know the difference ahead.

Tip 1: Chinese VS English

English words are separated by SPACE. For search engines like Google may easily divide these words and find the main meaning of the phrase. But in Chinese, words only separated by punctuation. It’s hard for a machine to understand the phrase fully. For beginners, you should know how to divide Chinese by using “stop words” to make sure that machine can run your article smoothly.

[ Do not think, you can speak fluent Chinese so you can do perfect words separation. As an old Baidu SEOer, first I write for the machine, than for my human customers. Make machine understand what you saying is tricky. ]

Please forgive my poor English, I will try to explain my thinkings in a simple way.

In My next article, I think I will discuss the difference in crawlers (Baidu-spider & Google Bot).

This is my first article!

Hey, guys, My name is Park, welcome to my website. It’s not my first website, hope not the last.

Meanly, I will post some tips about Baidu SEO technics every week. (I think)

Hope you guys like it.

Peace out