Baidu official | 4 methods to improve Index rate in Baidu

Baidu index rate (sample)

Hello guys, Park again. today I will translate (also including some of my thinkings)  a Baidu official article about how to improve index rate. Most of time, the Baidu index rate never go up not because the content you provide, mainly reason is the Baidu spider never crawled your pages.

I will show 4 methods about how to improve your index rate (actually it’s crawling rate) in Baidu below. Before you reading this, please understand that, baidu spider is super lazy. It’s efficiency is much lower than Google bot.

  1. Active submit
  2. Sitemap submit
  3. Automatic submit
  4. Manual submit

Active Submission: Baidu officially recommended

In this method, baidu will provide an port code (we called it token value) for each registered site. Site owners could use the port code to input a special function(php function) into their sites. When the page is updated or a new page is published, the function will be active, and the new URL will submit to Baidu automatically.

Sitemap Submission

Same as google, but Google sitemap submission seems more efficient.

Automatic Submission: I highly recommended

I really like this submission, which is simple. Put a short javascript code into every page you got. When the page is opened, the URL will be automatically submitted to Baidu. Here is a small trick of mine, If the page was not indexed for a long time. We can use a click simulator to open the page over and over again.

Manual Submission

Do not use it, it’s stupid and waste of time.

At last, I want to explain why index rate is so important in Baidu. Index means your pages have chances to be explored by search engine users. which indicates that the page is scored by search engine. So, index rate will be the main element to determine the average page score of you site.  which decides how many users can see your site. (hope you guys understand what I’m saying)