[ Chinese VS English ] before you do Baidu SEO

Hey Guys, It’s me Park.

In this week’s articles, I want to share some seo tips for beginners. Before you do SEO in a Chinese Searching Engine, you may want to know the difference ahead.

Tip 1: Chinese VS English

English words are separated by SPACE. For search engines like Google may easily divide these words and find the main meaning of the phrase. But in Chinese, words only separated by punctuation. It’s hard for a machine to understand the phrase fully. For beginners, you should know how to divide Chinese by using “stop words” to make sure that machine can run your article smoothly.

[ Do not think, you can speak fluent Chinese so you can do perfect words separation. As an old Baidu SEOer, first I write for the machine, than for my human customers. Make machine understand what you saying is tricky. ]

Please forgive my poor English, I will try to explain my thinkings in a simple way.

In My next article, I think I will discuss the difference in crawlers (Baidu-spider & Google Bot).

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